Wednesday, 11 December 2013

I'm a poor blogger.......

so here are a selection of Christmas cards that I made last year...............

these were made for members of the same family so the same but different!!

for the son
for the daughter
for the mum
I used the SB 2012 Holiday Tree die which is just scrummy! SB Labels Eighteen and I used a spotty EF on two of them and the Tied Together EF on the other..............  
my 'posher' cards to hand out as too delicate and too expensive to post...................
these were made with centaura pearl cards and the SB Layered Poinsettia dies with CE pearls for the centres, SB Labels Twenty-Eight for the sentiment - easy really just time consuming cutting out all the poinsettias but worth it (I think)........

these were good for batch making cards (the hardest part of this was stamping the sentiment down the centre of each bauble) again made with centaura pearl card  and the SB 2012 Heirloom Ornament dies the background done with M-bossabilities - Holiday Magic...........

another good batch making card -  I made these in three colour ways, turquoise (pictured) green and lilac - I really like how these worked out.....  2012 Heirloom Ornament dies used again for this with some ribbon from my stash and the sentiment is a Clarity Stamp.  Both of the above were good for posting too as they were relatively flat.....unfortunately we have to think about this now as it is extortionate if it doesn't pass as a letter size.

I hope you like some or all of the above.......... and hopefully I have made up for my lack of blogging!!!

I hope you are all keeping well and managing to fight the horrible cold 'bug' that seems to be doing the rounds and that you are not getting too stressed out........ it is only two days after all.

Note to self - listen to your own advice - lol!!



  1. Gail I love your cards for the same family, but have to say your posh ones are stunning. I will be doing simple ones for a while. As for the moody 11year old, her and her little sister are my work as I am their nanny had Anna since a very small baby in fact had them both Beth 6 hours old when I first saw her, started looking after Anna 11 years ago this month and generally she is good but oh boy lately is another subject - love her to bits as she is more like a granddaughter. My own three were no angels but they never played up like this, daddy, mummy and I usually work as a team but mummy fines it earier to give at the moment. I won't , I have them more hours than them so iam afraid they have to do as I say. Monday to Friday. Been a nanny to long. Hazel x

  2. Hi Gail
    Gosh, this is four posts in one chuck so you have spoilt us.
    Super cards and using some of my favourite items.
    Been measuring and weighing my postal cards this morning ready for them to go. Gone are the days when you could just stick a stamp on and that was that.
    Have a great weekend.
    Ang x

  3. Beautiful, beautiful cards, love them all.
    I have also been a very bad blogger...........too many people needing some of my time.
    Hopefully I will get some free time soon. I think I have to start saying "NO" more often.
    Have a great weekend

    Patricia xxx