Wednesday, 18 December 2013

It's nearly here.....................

well this time next week we will all probably be sat watching the telly with a glass of baileys or wine or beverage of choice and some choccys!!

Hopefully anyway........

My cards are now all posted and the giving out ones are nearly all 'gived' out.......I only have one pressy wrapped and that is only because I was meeting up with her not really that organised yet!! 

I'm sure it will all fall into place...............arrgghh!!!!

on a lighter note here are some more Christmas cards from 2012.....

this was made especially for a friend who just luvs the colour pink.........

some more special cards that were made for family or special people in our lifes............
luv this card and the emboss part of it was a 'happy accident' but managed to duplicate the 'accident' on the other side of the card (probably wouldn't be able to do it again) lol

the negative and the positive used from the SB holiday tree - not like me to be this resourceful!!

Hope you like all or some of the above - one thing I have noticed I have kept my cards much simpler this year - not sure if that is due to lack of time or that I am in a 'simple' mood!!........make of that what you will.




  1. Nothing "simple" about all your beautiful cards. I love the Positive and negative effects.
    I used that tree last year, had to do something different this year.
    Yep!! This time next week we will probably all be wondering why we got so stressed out.
    I was to be out on Monday, that's canceled, all the last minute baking will be done then ....... Like Thomas's request for Sticky Toffee Pudding and Roberts Apple Pie
    Happy crafting

    Patricia xx

    1. No rest for you then on Monday xx I luv this SB tree die but like you I used it quite a lot last year so decided to give it a miss this year which is partly why I think my cards aren't so fancy this year but we go through phases don't we - or at least I do xx enjoy your baking and then try to have some 'you' time xx

  2. Like my big sister has said "there is nothing simple about these cards" they are stunning. It's only 6.43am and I have just been wrapping a gift or should I say finishing off a basket, another order now off the list. Hazel x

  3. Hi Gail
    All of your cards are smashing.
    I too love the tree die and have been using it this year.
    Prosecco would be nice next Weds or a brandy and babycham in the evening. . . . hic !
    Ang x