Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Making up for lack of blogging over the last couple of weeks......

here is the card I made for our son in 2012 as it was a special birthday for him ..........

the finished card was A4 in size so I took lots of photos in close up so I could recall exactly what I had done - I didn't even know blogs existed then but I am so pleased I kept a record of cards I made so I can share then now.........

the calendar is from Tim Holtz and I circled date of his birthday..........

the playing cards are from a Christmas cracker (I know - what a way to recycle)!!  they are just a smaller version of a proper pack of playing cards and kept them to use on holidays.......
so glad I did now......

 sorry this is a bit blurred - but wanted to try and show up the crackle glaze

the clock is another from Tim Holtz as are the clock fingers.....

I crackle glazed the playing cards to give them aged look and added initials/numbers where appropriate to spell out his name and age......and the time he was born on the clock face.....

I wasn't sure whether to post this card as all the details on it are so personal to him, but I wanted to show the comparison between his 2012 card and his 2013 card which I posted yesterday which is very simple in comparison.....the card was also very appropriate as he went to Las Vegas for his 30th so all in all a 'winner' (sorry) I think as I know he absolutely loved it and although it has a lot going on - it was all relevant to that particular birthday and if you can't go a bit overboard for a milestone birthday - then when can you??

Hope you are still with me and I can assure you that I do not have any other cards with as many photos.......
so you can all breathe a sigh of relief!!

Thanks for popping by and again thanks for your comments and support

xx Gail xx


  1. Great card Gail. I'll bet he was delighted with it. Funny thing I kept a set of Christmas cracker playing cards also but have not yet used them (a year later).

  2. Hi Gail
    Thank you for sharing this special card. I bet your son was thrilled with it. Filling an A4 size card is very daunting but you did it well chuck.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  3. Great card, just perfect for your sons birthday.
    I have a pack of these cards waiting to be used!!!!
    Have a fantastic weekend

    Patricia xx

  4. Great card you have made for your son, those little playing cards have worked well on it. Hazel x