Monday, 26 May 2014


or 'faffing' as the hubby would say.....................

I attended a project class yesterday and part of what we did was to use air dry clay - wow, love it.

I had already purchased some Martha Stewart clay from C&C last year some time and some moulds from China via the internet and it was all in my crafty stash still un-opened!! (does this sound familiar)! 
I have to say that the clay we used yesterday was a lot cheaper and more of it so I will need to shop around for my next lot!

Well because when I have been to a project day I feel all inspirational and confident to have a go at things (faff) these are what I came up with last night...........

(a sign I didn't have to get up to go to work today)

 I cannot believe the detail that you can achieve...................

even the little bits at each side of the larger crown!!

I am truly stunned at how detailed these flowers and shells are

love it - love it!!
Hopefully, if you, like me have some of this stuff and not got around to playing with it yet, it will give you a little inspiration.


  1. Oh! My! Word! I love, love, love ALL of your wonderful creations. Robert and I have great fun playing with Clay.
    I really like that little rose mould and all your shells. Did you buy those moulds at your "project class"?
    I have loads of crafty things in cupboards still in packets..........project for the future.........."use the blooming stuff"
    Happy crafting

    Patricia xx

  2. These are fantastic Gail, oh we crafters don't FAF around!!! We create. I bet you have lots of fun using these. Hazel xx

  3. These are marvellous Gail. I have been playing around with clay also and love the little rose moulds.